Golf Car Parts

At Gulf Atlantic Vehicles, we carry authentic Club Car and EZGO parts/accessories, along with some after market options. We also have a full service department, with a service van and trailer. For most parts and accessories it is necessary to have your vehicle’s full serial number, with manufacture code.

For more questions, please feel free to call and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members!

Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance and Tips:

  • For best battery life, batteries should not be completely discharged.
  • New batteries should be given a full charge before use
  • Battery cables should be intact, and the connectors kept tight at all times.
  • When multiple batteries are connected in series, a replacement battery should be of the same size, age and usage level as the companion batteries.
  • Lead acid batteries should be brought up to full charge at the earliest opportunity. Avoid operating batteries in a partially charged condition. This will shorten their life and reduce their capacity.
  • Inactivity can be extremely harmful to all lead acid batteries. If seasonal use is anticipated, we recommend the following:
    1. Completely charge the battery before storing
    2. Store the battery in as cool a place as possible. However, do not store in a location which will consistently be below 32̊ batteries will discharge when stored, the lower the temp the lower the self-discharge.


Premium and Custom Seating

Club Car Options: Black, Grey, Camello, Light Beige, Black & Grey

EZGO Options: Mushroom, Black, Grey

~Or choose colors/styles from one of our custom seat vendors~ 


Side Folding, 5 Panel, Convex, Side Folding w/ LED Safety Lights

Brush Guard

Canopy Grab Handles

Storage Options:

Club Car Overhead Storage Console

Club Car Rear Locking Trunk

Rear Underseat Storage Bucket

Golf Accessories:

Sand Bottles (shown), Sand Buckets, Coolers (shown), Ball Washers, Rakes

Versattach Golf Bag Holder

Dash Tray

Breezeasy Fan


Clear, Tinted, Premium DOT

Custom Curtain Packages

Choose from multiple patterns and colors in our Sunbrella fabric book

Fender Flares

Homelink Garage Door Opener

Lockable Dash

Available in Carbon Fiber (Shown) and Burled

Rear Beverage Holder

Receiver Hitch

Foldable Beach Chair Holder

Bluetooth Options:

Bazooka Party Bar

Club Car Bluetooth Sound Bar

EZGO Bluetooth Play Speakers

Wet Sounds SHIVR-55 Bluetooth Sound Bar Cooler

*Call for Product Pricing and Availability*