Take a Cruise in One of Our Golf Carts

If you’re a senior, you may remember cruising the avenue in your classic (which was not a classic yet!) car. The girls were all dolled up, the summer sun was shining brightly and the boys were preening in their smooth rides. Those were the days! 

Well, retirees may be a little older, but those who are wiser have extended their cruising fun with golf carts. Many over 55 communities and retirement communities in Florida have pathways specifically designated for golf cart driving, so that you can cruise around your community to socialize, to get out and enjoy the weather or to take your main squeeze for a ride – even though she may have traded in her saddle shoes and bobby socks for more comfortable footwear options! And unlike those cherry muscle cars, golf carts are a fuel efficient mode of transportation.

Maybe you have a few less years under your belt. Cruising around in your golf cart can still provide hours of joy and entertainment! Take the family out for a cruise in a golf cart from Gulf Atlantic Vehicles and  get some ice cream, cheer your daughter on at her soccer game or head over to the neighbors’ for a barbeque. 

Golf carts are a wonderful, affordable, compact driving alternative and Gulf Atlantic Vehicles offers a wide selection of new and pre-owned golf carts in a variety of makes, models and sizes. Browse our latest inventory on our website or cruise on over to our convenient Pioneer Trail location.

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