Why Seniors Enjoy Golf Carts When They Lose Their License

Whether you have lost your license because your age has caused you to run into (no pun intended) some difficulty driving, you decide on your own to stop driving or a loving family member has asked you to give up your keys, this can be a difficult time. You know what makes it one thousand times easier? Owning a golf cart! 

One of the worst things losing your license does to you is that it steals your beloved independence. Ah, but a golf cart can help you maintain your independence in quite a few ways! If your golf cart is street legal, you can still do many of the things you are used to doing like going to the convenience store for a paper or a gallon of milk, attending your grandkid’s soccer game and maybe even getting a haircut or going to the bank!

Then there is the social aspect that golf carts help to promote. Driving around your community in a golf cart can keep you social. Golf carts are open and slow moving, encouraging interaction with your neighbors along the way. In fact, many retirement communities were developed with golf carts in mind, providing trails specifically for golf carts throughout their entire campus.

Golf carts are also very safe. They don’t go very fast, so you can’t get into much trouble; and if they are street legal, they are required to be outfitted with safety gear, such as windshield wipers, headlights, turn signals, safety belts, mirrors and more.

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